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Purpose of your Club Captains and who they're responsible to..
The Club Captains act as a positive figurehead for all swimmers and the Club. Your captains are reposible to the Club Committee (or, in certain cases, their delegated personnel e.g. subcommittees, coaches, team managers)
Here's what you can expect from your Club Captains
What you can expect from your Club Captains
To provide leadership by;
- Attending all galas, either as competitor or as team captain
- Promoting good behaviour, team spirit and encouraging respect within the Club
- Promoting a positive attitude to training
- Promoting a positive image of the Club
The duties of your Club Captains are:

- Support and encouragement of all swimmers in all squads during training and competition
- Representation of the Club as swimmers’ leader during competition
- Liaison with coaches regarding support with training eg ensuring prompt start to warm up
- Promote team spirit and fair play
- Follow and promote ASA and Club Child Protection Policy
- Help supervise, referring to other Club officials if necessary, behaviour in changing rooms, at galas, at training sessions and during coach travel
- Assist with social events throughout the year
- Liaise with other Captains/Vice Captains to ensure representation by at least one at all events/meetings
- Support team managers/coaches with galas by:

- Advising other team members of selection
1. - Ensuring completion of team sheet by swimmers
2. - Supporting on poolside to help manage the team
3. - Help wherever possible at Club events ie Club Championships, Open Meet, Time Trials, in addition to swimming

Selections process

1. Chief coach asks all her coaching team for swimmer nominations based on training attitude, commitment, attendance and support for teammates and the coaches.  

2. Those swimmers are then invited to attend a 15 minute structured interview if they wish to be considered.

3. The interview panel make the selection based on quality of ideas, clarity of thought, level of commitment and a clear demonstration of good behaviours through past examples.  

4. We try to make the process a positive learning experience to help our swimmers prepare for future college/job interviews.
More about your Club Captains
Asma Parker

Hi everyone, I'm Asma and I have the pleasure of being your Ladies captain this year. Having been at the club for almost 10 years, I have learnt so much and met so many new people that have inspired and motivated me. I hope to be able to give back to the club after all these years in leading this highly motivational atmosphere for all swimmers to reach their full potential and develop a love and passion for the sport like I did. Through this position I also want to attend galas to supervise on poolside to support and encourage you through the long weekends and rollercoaster of emotions that come with race days. I also aim to establish a close bond between swimmers, coaches and parents to keep morale high especially through these difficult times. I want everyone, above all, to enjoy themselves and step out of their comfort zones because trust me when I say, these will be the moments you look back on when you are older and smile because they happened.

I want to make your time at the club as enjoyable as possible, so please feel free to come talk to me or any of the captain team if you see us around or drop us an email if need be. 

Kai Cheng

Hi! My name is Kai Cheng and I am your Captain for this year. I have been in this club for nearly eight years now and I have loved every second of being in it. It is my second family. I really do hope to inspire and encourage younger swimmers to fulfil their potential as swimmers and to fall in love with the sport like I have.

The main reason I wanted to be captain was knowing that I could have the opportunity to create wonderful memories and to make change. I always looked up to the captains when I was younger and I am so glad that I have the chance to give back to the club. I hope to help build a strong sense of camaraderie and sportsmanship within our club and to encourage swimmers to support each other.

Please don’t hesitate to give any suggestions and ask questions to the captain team. I wish everyone the best of luck and to have a fun time!

Charlotte Tree

Hi, my name is Charlotte Tree. I am 16 years old and have swam for the club for 7 years. My aim as vice-captain is to make sure everyone has fun and loves swimming as much as I do. I am here to help anyone who needs it, do not be scared to ask we’ve all probably done it before.

As a member of the club I have competed in Essex, east region, national open water championships. I have also been apart of mini league teams, JSL and Arena league teams. These are my favourite as I think Colchester had one of the best team spirits in which everyone feels apart of.

I would love for more of our club to get involved in open water as it is something I really enjoy and find challenging, so if you have any questions about this don’t be afraid to ask.

Ciara Wookey

Hi, my name is Ciara and i am one of your vice captains for this swimming year. I am 16 years old and have been swimming at Colchester since I was 9. By being at Colchester I have made friends for life and had some amazing memories. My aim is to give people the chance to make more amazing memories and to reach their full potential.

Since being at Colchester I have competed in county, regional and national competitions with the help of the amazing coaches who put in so much time and effort to help us improve. I have also competed in mini leagues and arena leagues, which are my favourite because of how fun everyone makes them.

I hope you feel you can come to me if you need to talk about anything, I will always be here.

Will Pestel

Hi, I’m Will

I learnt to competitively swim at this club around 8 years ago, and have felt apart of this amazingly strong family ever since. Despite spending time at another club, Colchester remained a swimming family and this truly shows how strong and caring Colchester SC are and reflects their passion for the sport. This why I am so proud to be this years Mens vice captain.

As vice captain I hope to make all swimmers feel at ease and reduce as much stress as I can. Over my years of swimming I have found it can be a frustrating and nerve racking sport, and I hope to help swimmers overcome this as much as I can so it does not cloud their enjoyment, as it can also be a very rewarding sport.

If you have any issues or concerns feel free to ask me.

Passionate about competitive sports with strong family and social focus.

Continually providing a valuable service to the local community and giving people a place to go for physical fitness and social health for over 135 years!