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Letter from the Chair - Revised Squad structure and timetable

Dear Members

Following the introduction of the new squad timetable and structure last year, we have been carrying out the promised review and listened to feedback from swimmers, parents and coaches to identify what is working well and where we still have pressure points. Since the launch of the new timetable in June, we have also managed to gain 2 hours additional pool time at Leisureworld and have been identifying how best to use the space. The review has now been completed and a copy of the new plan is attached for your information. The changes will be fully effective from 1st March 2017 and are summarised below:

Monday Morning LW – Competitive Masters are no longer able to train and the “make-up” session for Performance + has been removed as so few swimmers used it on a regular basis due to weekend meets and the Basildon long course training on Sunday evenings. This should ease the pressure on numbers.

Tuesday Morning LW – an additional coach has been brought in to work on technique with swimmers in the Pit alongside Ian to take the pressure off the numbers in the lanes

Friday Evening LW (3 lanes) – this is a new session sharing the pool with Essex University. This arrangement is not suitable for younger swimmers and the opportunity has been taken to create a new Swim Fitness squad and to provide an optional swim training session for the expanding and successful Water Polo section.

Sunday Morning LW - new session 7am - 8am – Due to objections from the Garrison about breaches of pool capacity, Junior squad will move from the current Garrison slot of 9am -10am from Sunday 5th March and the rest of the pool will be used for Swim Fitness and “Pre-Club” Academy swimmers selected by Donna and Steph. This will utilise the additional space at Leisureworld fully and improve the quality of coaching provided across both pools on Sundays.

The Committee remain fully committed to improving the quality of the training and coaching in the Club and we will continue to review the structure and timetable once the changes are fully implemented on a regular 6 monthly basis to make sure we are maximizing the use of the resources we have available. We are currently reviewing the current coaching structure with the coaching team for both Water Polo and Swimming and are planning some improvements to coverage and their personal continuing professional development.

Steve Redmond
Chair Colchester SC

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Revised Squad structure and timetable

Squad Time table - Published February 2017

New timetable 2017

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Christmas day fundraising by Alfie Francis

This Christmas Alfie Francis (11) has decided to become a fundraiser for Colchester Swimming Club and help raise funds that can go towards activities for all the swimmers in the club.

On Christmas Day morning at 10am, Alfie and his Dad Michael, will take part in the Clacton On Sea, Seafront Swim. Whatever the weather and however cold it might be, they will join 100's of other crazy people to dive into the icy waters.

"The Coaches and team at Colchester Swimming Club work so hard to train all of the swimmers and are always at the Pool, said Alfie, and I decided I want to give something back to the club for all their hard work".

Alfie's dream is to swim at the Olympics in 2024 when he will be 19. He joined Colchester Swimming Club in 2015 and is going from strength to strength.

So please dig deep and donate as much or as little as you can and help all the youngsters at Colchester Swimming Club continue to get the fantastic support from the team of mainly volunteers that are helping them to stay fit and healthy and maybe help them on the way to their dreams of being a successful athlete.

You can make your donation by cash to my Mum Jennie or Dad Michael, or if you prefer via this link;

If you would like to join us on Christmas Day morning for this crazy event, you can contact my Dad Michael on 07710 793495 for more details.

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New Year 2016 message from the Chair

Dear members,

At the end of a brilliant and successful 2015 I just wanted to share some great news that the Club has just had confirmation that our Swim 21 accreditation has just been renewed and approved by the Regional and National ASA. This confirms that we have a sound management structure in place are offering our members a high quality service and safe environment to enjoy their sport. My thanks go to Claire Bleck who took on responsibility for this only in September this year and with the support of my fellow committee members and the coaches completed the submission by the end of November in time for the ASA December review.

2015 has been not only been a year of continued success in the pool in all our sections - competitive swimming squads, Water Polo and Masters - but has also been a year which has seen significant changes and challenges for our committee, who have all been immensely supportive and proactive since I took on the role of Chair in the summer. We do still have vacancies and if anyone is interested in finding out more about the committee and what it involves, please don't be shy and have a chat with us! I have listed below who the latest members of the committee are and their roles for clarity:

  • Chair - Steve Redmond
  • Vice Chair - Vacant
  • Secretary - Helen Stephens
  • Treasurer - Ben Himsworth
  • Membership Secretary - Vanessa Pestell
  • Competition secretary - Jason and Tracy Cole
  • General committee member responsible for Swim 21 - Claire Bleck
  • General committee member responsible to club development and planning - Debbie Grieve
  • Welfare officer - Hazel Keane
  • Public relations - Ian Clegg
  • Masters representative - Mark Heptonstall
  • Water Polo Representative - Martin Vinter
  • Open Meet Coordinator - Vacant

It was pleasing to see so many of you at the AGM in November so we could share our plans to continue to develop Colchester Swimming Club and we are determined to see through our plans in 2016. We are keen to continue to improve our communications and Debbie Grieve is continuing to develop a communications strategy for the Club. The introduction and use of the Facebook page and newsletters has been well received and will continue to be important means of sharing news and updates.

I would also like to say a huge thank you to our coaches for all their hard work in 2015 and to all the volunteers that have helped out this year with the club shop, open meet, officiating, fundraising and loads of other jobs that help keep the Club running.

Finally, I would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Successful 2016!

Steve Redmond


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New Committee Position Announced

The new committee position of Meet Organiser has been announced and the job description can be viewed by clicking on the PDF below.

Job Description - Open Meet Organiser

If anyone is interested in applying for the role please email Helen Stephens.

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New Treasurer Announcement

Dear members

I am delighted to announce that Ben Himsworth has joined our Committee and has agreed to take on the role of Treasurer. I am sure Ben will do a fantastic job for us and he has also agreed to lead our search for new Sponsors and income when our funding and agreement with Griffin Chapman expires at the end of the year.

I would also like to take the opportunity to thank Daryl Norman for all his hard work as Treasurer. Daryl has held the role for the last 4 years and during that time has not only dealt with the bills and day to day administration of the finances of the Club, but has also transformed our management of the accounts, consolidated the funds from the old Supporters section and also contributed a huge input into the development of the Club and Academy. After 4 years as Treasurer he deserves a break and now plans to concentrate on his poolside officiating at galas and meets to support the Club and our other officials.

Ben and Daryl are in the process of handing over the management of the finances and bank accounts, which should be completed by the end of October and any queries should continue to be emailed to

Steve Redmond

Water Polo Auction and Quiz Night

The Water polo Club are organising a Quiz night and Closed Auction to raise some additional funds. If you are interested details are in the PDF's below.

Water Polo Quiz Night
Water Polo Quiz Night
Water Polo Closed Auction
Water Polo Closed Auction

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