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This page has been created for our members to announce things which they are doing outside of the Club.  The club holds no responsibilty or liability for any activities or external website links noted on this page.
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Volunteering Support Appeal

Closing Date: 01 June 2023

Hi, I’m Brontë. I have been part of Colchester Swimming Club for 13 years, swimming competitively for 9 of those. Most of you now see me coaching and volunteering at the club around my studies. I am in my 2nd year at the University of Winchester training to become a paediatric nurse.   

As part of my university degree, I have chosen to complete one of my placements abroad in the Philippines … on my own! This amazing opportunity will allow me to look after sick children in a developing country where the resources are much more limited. This experience will allow me to challenge myself due to the cultural differences and most importantly learning a new language! I will be working within their local training hospital throughout my time there, which envisions itself as the Centre of Excellence for Tertiary Health Care system for the local population of over 4 million people!
This is a very exciting opportunity for me, but I am having to raise a lot of money towards it. I have created a fundraiser to help me raise these costs. Please click on my link to read my story and donate towards the cost of the programme.

Thank you to anyone who contributes toward the cost of this amazing opportunity.

University Research Appeal

Closing Date: TBC

Hello. Many of you may know me as a club swimmer, volunteer and coach. I have swum with the club for nearly 10 years and have achieved at county, regional and national level. In this time, I was also our club’s girls vice-captain for 2 years.

I am currently studying an undergraduate degree in Sport and Exercise Science at Swansea University with the hopes of becoming a Sport Psychologist in the future.

I need your help with a survey please. The information in the survey is needed to help with PhD students research that they are currently doing. This will hopefully help them achieve their PhD by the end of the research project. I am helping them to gain some experience into research and how it is conducted at Swansea as this is something I hope to conduct myself in years to come.

Kindly assist by completing the survey using the link below. Please feel free to contact me via our Club Head Coach should you require any further information.


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